Understanding the American Blackjack
The Blackjack game has two primary versions – The European one and the American one. The game versions are predominantly similar, but show minor differences. The American Blackjack, as it is evident from the name, is primarily played in America.

The Differences
One of the main differences between the American and the European Blackjack is an extra card. The inclusion of the extra card for the dealer at the beginning of each hand is what sets this American version apart from its European counterpart. This extra card is known as the American Hole card. The chances of the player winning or losing remain unaffected by the inclusion of the hole card. However, this extra card is what makes the American Blackjack more interesting than the European one.

The dealer is dealt two cards; one face up and one face down. American Blackjack differs from European blackjack in this, too, as in the European version the dealer is dealt the second card only after all participants have either stood or busted. If the first card of the dealer is an Ace, then the dealer peeks at the whole set of cards. The dealer has a Blackjack provided the second card is a 10, King, Queen or Jack.

The hole card does have its own advantages for the players. Since the dealer’s Blackjack is shown before a player can double or split, the player stands to lose only the initial bet and not an increased amount.

In the American version 6 to 8 decks of cards are used in the place of 2 standard decks in the European version. Late surrender option is also included in the game, and according to this option the player stands to lose only 50% of his bet rather than the whole amount.

Understanding the minor differences between European and the American versions of Blackjack will help players increase their chances of winning. It can be safely said that the American Blackjack’s rules are more flexible and player friendly when compared to the European one.

American Blackjack can be played with standard card counting strategies. Players who are accustomed to European Blackjack will have no trouble at all in playing the American version. Care should be taken by players while playing the game, as the rules of the game slightly differ depending on the place that the game is played. You can play the game for free or with real money.

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